One is "pressure is a privilege" and the other is "skill and sandpaper."

The former is borrowed from tennis player Billie Jean King. The latter is the style head coach Dan Church says Canada must play to win the world championship, which starts Saturday in Burlington, Vt.

"It's kind of like a master carpenter," Church explained Sunday from Ottawa. "It's a blue collar job, but to build a beautiful house, there's a lot of skill involved as well as hard work."

The King slogan relates to the high bar set for the Canadian women's hockey team.

Winning the first eight of the 13 women's championships created a high standard for female hockey players in Canada. Losing the last three world finals in a row to the U.S. proves gold is not a given.

Whether expectations of the Canadian team are fair or not, veteran forward Hayley Wickenheiser says the team needs to embrace the pressure.

"I've been on the other side of the fence where I've played softball and the expectations weren't there," Wickenheiser said. "I'd much rather have this opportunity, where you're expected to win and people want to see that of this team.

"It's something that doesn't get put on everybody or every team and it is a privilege. If nobody thought you could win, they wouldn't expect it."

Church named his 23-player world championship roster Sunday to conclude a six-day selection camp in Ottawa. Five players, including three-time Olympic gold medallist Cherie Piper, were released.

"Cherie is an excellent player, a very skilled player but the players ahead of her just outcompeted her slightly," Church said.

"It was the smallest of margins. It's difficult to let a veteran player like that go, who has had an impact in the past. The other players were just slightly better over selection camp."